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Thursday, July 03, 2003
The "Liberal Media" strikes again!

Here's The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz, proclaiming that even "liberals" don't like Howard Dean:

"And in the liberal Web magazine Slate, columnist William Saletan observed: 'Every time Dean talks about foreign affairs, he gives off a whiff of hostility or indifference to American military power.'" (Washington Post, July 1, 2003)

What is Kurtz implying when he says that Saletan writes for "the liberal web magazine Slate"? Readers will assume that Saletan must be one of those liberal Democrats who supposedly dominate the media, and that Dean is such a poor candidate that his own party's stalwarts have turned against him. But what has Saletan actually said about his own political leanings?

"A couple of years ago I realized that I'm less a New Democrat than a liberal Republican. I mentioned in Slate that I'd voted in 2000 for Morella and John McCain. Last month I divulged that I'd been itching to vote for Ehrlich." (Slate, November 8, 2002, emphasis added)

Kurtz never manages to tell his readers that Saletan's criticism comes from a Republican, does he? That fact would better explain the agenda behind Saletan's shot at Dean.


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