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Monday, June 16, 2003
An article today in the Virginian-Pilot discusses 17-year-old Christa Byker of Virginia Beach whose aunt, Barbara Grutter, is the plaintiff in one of the Supreme Court cases challenging affirmative action.

Christa's response to those who note Virginia's history of segregation?

"'It's 2003 -- get over it.'"

Christa's career goals?

"Christa aims to become a judge or a senator. That way, she could issue a ruling in a case similar to her aunt's -- or propose a real-life bill. 'I just want to be in the system to change the system,' she said." (Emphasis added)

Given the current administration's efforts to stack the federal courts with young conservative zealots who will serve for decades to come, they might as well nominate Christa to the federal bench right now. Why should they limit themselves to candidates in their 30s and 40s when teenagers are raring for the job? All Christa would have to do to get confirmed is learn to feign surprise and outrage when Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee accuse her of having plans to make rulings based on her own political leanings. Any purported evidence of her ideological bias would be more than adequately disproven by the earnest expression on her face when she testifies that she plans to simply follow the laws as they are written.


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