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Tuesday, February 25, 2003
Conservative Media:

MSNBC’s the station that just gave the conservative, race-baiting Michael Savage his own show, and he won’t be out of place there. Today “Buchanan and Press” featured the North Carolina restaurant owner who’s changed the name of his French Fries to “Freedom Fries” now that Republicans hate the French. Their interview was positively glowing, with the MSNBC correspondent grinning for the camera with a big basket of fries. (Transcript here.)

So-Called Liberal Media:

Meanwhile, Bill Press (supposedly representing the “liberal” side) asked only "Do they do mail orders? Could they send us up some freedom fries to D.C.?" This guy held up a shirt with a big “X” over the French flag while boasting that he’s the only one with “patriotic” fries, and it didn’t occur to Press (who raved "I love it. All right.") that this is crude bigotry. MSNBC even put a graphic on-screen helpfully noting that some people called sauerkraut “liberty cabbage” when we fought the Germans, and Press couldn’t be bothered to mention that plenty of Americans don’t see the French as our enemies. Isn’t this the same Bill Press who thought he’d done such a good job arguing with the conservatives on Crossfire, and complained when James Carville and Paul Begala replaced him?


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