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Friday, February 07, 2003
TAPPED has put up a very curious post
ridiculing the notion of Hillary Clinton running for President.

One of TAPPED’s complaints is that if Hillary runs, “You'd be starting off campaign season with no chance of winning at least 40 percent of the country, period.” That’s not much of a knock against her, since the same can be said for any Democrat these days. This 40 percent is the most conservative portion of the population, and they’re extremely loyal to the GOP. It’s unrealistic to suppose that these partisan Republicans might well switch to the Democratic side as long as the nominee isn’t Hillary Clinton. This farfetched notion just isn’t a convincing reason to oppose Hillary’s candidacy.

TAPPED also warns that Hillary would “send every conservative footsoldier to the barricades.” But considering the Republicans’ ferocious attacks against anyone who stands in their way these days, Democrats can’t avoid motivating conservatives in a presidential election simply by running someone besides Hillary. Further, Hillary would be better suited than other candidates to bring out Democrats to fight back against the inevitable Republican assault, considering her clear advantage in popularity over the rest of the Democratic field. After all, without even running she enjoys much more support than any current Democratic presidential candidate. Candidate Hillary would also have Bill’s formidable campaign skills working for her, with their combined fame and stature within the party exciting the Democratic base in ways that other candidates cannot. If you want to win elections it’s best to have a candidate who’s as popular as possible among your own voters.

There are certainly questions about whether Hillary could win, like there are with any candidate, but TAPPED doesn’t make much of a case before concluding that her candidacy would be “lunacy” and “Bad news for the Democrats.”


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