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Monday, January 20, 2003
Since my last post about Wyoming, the state's been mentioned by TAPPED and others discussing Michael Lind's Atlantic Monthly article on how vast, depopulated regions affect politics. TAPPED made some good points about the article here and here. Something else that comes to mind about Wyoming and its 493,782 residents is that they get two Senators and a Representative, while the 572,059 residents of Washington, DC get none of these.

Why aren't Democrats fighting harder for DC representation? This cause is good policy and good politics. It wouldn't only please the Democratic base, but would also appeal to independents as a matter of fairness and justice. Let the Republicans insist that DC residents (60% of whom are African-American) don't deserve votes in Congress but that the smaller population of Wyoming (92.1% white, 0.8% African-American) does; let them swear up and down that it has nothing to do with race. And see if anyone believes that the city wouldn't have representation in Congress by now it were mostly populated by white conservatives.

All figures come from the 2000 census.


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