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Sunday, September 08, 2002
Over on, Gary Aldrich never lets the facts get in the way of a right-wing rant:

“How about the 18 year legally binding financial commitment of a father to support a child, regardless of the fact that legally, the woman could have ended the pregnancy at any time – including on the day the child was to be born – and the man would have absolutely no legal right to stop her.”

Aldrich likes to enrage his audience by pretending that abortions are available on demand at any point in pregnancy. So he decides not to mention that abortions are severely restricted in the third trimester (the final three months of pregnancy), which of course includes “the day the child was to be born.”

For more Aldrich than anyone could possibly want, his biography page points to his website. Here are a couple of gems:

“In the case of Nixon, while it is true that he engaged in conduct that would be considered abusive and reprehensible when judged against the backdrop of the high office he held, from all indications, Nixon was a family man who was faithful and attentive to his family.” Link

But Aldrich wouldn’t judge a President against the backdrop of the high office he holds, right?

“I am not happy with what my father's generation did to groups such as the Blacks, Hispanics, women and Asians. … However, the Boomer generation, my generation, changed all that, and we should get the credit. As much as I loath the politics of the New-Left, it was their activism and their radical politics that finally tripped the wire and caused much needed change. The New-Left did it for the wrong reason - to increase political power.” Link

So according to Aldrich,

1) America’s civil rights laws are the result of pressure from progressive activists, and

2) he hates those progressive activists and was never one of them.

No surprises there. But it wouldn’t be an Aldrich column if he didn’t add some obvious lies. So after making it clear that he had nothing to do with progress in civil rights, he somehow concludes that:

3) he deserves the credit for the civil rights laws.

Of course, it’s pathetic that Aldrich would write such a laughable whopper. But apparently, it wasn’t phony and self-aggrandizing enough for him, so he follows up by claiming that:

4) the progressive activists are the ones after political power.

It's good to know that Aldrich’s Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty is out there safeguarding “ethics and honesty.”


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