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Saturday, August 17, 2002
“What they ought to be upset about is the fact that Congress tried to tie my hands,” Bush said. “They said, ‘You've got to spend $5 billion or none of the $5 billion.’”

Bush, who denied funding to firefighters, now blames Congress because it limited his authority on a spending bill to two choices—all or nothing. Of course, this is the same administration that just claimed a big victory when it got Trade Promotion Authority, which limits Congress’s authority on trade bills to two choices—all or nothing. (In the signing ceremony on August 6, Bush proudly boasted that “the trade agreements I negotiate will have an up-or-down vote in Congress” due to TPA.) Bush thinks that tying Congress’s hands, and forcing it to either approve a huge package or shoot it all down, is a wonderful idea. But when Congress gives Bush the same choice, he wants us to be “upset” about it.
It's great news for the country when the head of the firefighters' union criticizes Bush's decision to block a spending bill: "President Bush, you are either with us or against us. You can't have it both ways." If Bush wants to use firemen as campaign props, he might have to reconsider slashing their funding to pay for millionaires' tax cuts.

Friday, August 16, 2002
Many thanks to Atrios, Maxspeak, A Skeptical Blog and Avedon for some early support and advice.
Paul Craig Roberts of once again spews out race-baiting lies that highlight the ugliest side of the Republican party:

Today in the United States white people have no political representation. Whites have to struggle in the courts against government opposition to claim any resemblance to equal rights. Explicit government policies have made whites second class citizens. Whites are a dispossessed majority in their own country.

Why did the white majority allow themselves to be stripped of the equal protection clause of the Constitution? Why do whites remain loyal to the political parties that took away their rights?

What is the future for whites in a political system where both political parties pander to third world immigrants and support racial privileges for minorities? Having lost equal protection of law, what will whites lose next?

It's amazing. The GOP claims to be working overtime to appeal to minorities, yet this is the best they can come up with.

Thursday, August 15, 2002
A few thoughts on Spinsanity slamming Media Whores Online for the crime of showing some spine.

Irony 1: Journalists who attack progressives in order to get attention and praise from conservatives are a prime example of the “media whores” exposed on a regular basis by MWO. So it's no surprise that Spinsanity’s own rant against MWO itself has resulted in a laudatory quote and link on Instapundit.

Irony 2: Spinsanity bills itself as “the nation's leading watchdog of manipulative political rhetoric.” Yet while Spinsanity was off chasing MWO, it missed the biggest spin-related story of the past week—Fox’s ridiculous, and predictably baseless, charge that Al Gore tried to scam free Bruce Springsteen tickets. Meanwhile, MWO was left to report on the hoax itself.

Irony 3: In June, Spinsanity insisted that MWO had lied about the arrest threats faced by Ohio State graduates during Bush’s visit. According to Spinsanity, an example of “one alleged arrest” could never substantiate MWO’s claim that here had been “arrests” of protestors. But now Spinsanity points to only “one” alleged error—its own flimsy charge regarding Ohio State—to support its claim that MWO has made several “outright factual errors.” That’s bad news for Spinsanity, which made it quite clear that inflating a single instance “into the plural” is unacceptable.

Wednesday, August 14, 2002
More from John McCaslin is reduced to quoting a barely coherent fantasy in which the Clintons are suffering some sort of minor embarassment.

"In a departure from tradition, former President Clinton's face had been painted on the bow of the submarine, and as Sen. Hillary Rodham, New York Democrat, swung the bottle of champagne toward the hull, she slipped and her husband's image took a direct hit. A roar of approval rose from the protesters.

Take that, painted image of Bill Clinton!


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